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A Day in the Life of a MOWPACK Member: Trace Brown

Trace Brown is a farmer, hunter, and MOWPACK member who hydrates with our FUEL hydration powder stick packs every day. We talked with him about how the products help him during hunting season and how they’ve changed his lifestyle. He agrees that MOW products have helped him enjoy his outdoors lifestyle and that they can help others “Feel Better, Get Outside.”

Brown says that a typical day consists of waking up, fueling up and either going to work, the gym or the woods, depending on the time of year. “Farming and turkey season don’t really go together, but I make it work being as it is my favorite season,” Brown said.He makes it work because he says that the FUEL products have drastically improved his endurance, which in turn improved his hunting experience. “I always bring a few FUEL packs along with my Wellness water container in my turkey pack, and I plan on doing it for deer season too,” Brown said. “It’s kinda like my gun, it would be pointless to go without it. Where I normally walk a few miles in the woods a day, I ended up walking 27 miles the whole day opening morning in Mississippi. I’m gonna put the credit towards the FUEL. I’ve never felt that great just walking for miles on end. I would argue with anyone and say this stuff is better than any other health/energy drink.”

He also credits MOW products with helping him get through other tasks. “These fuel products have really helped me maintain a constant work ethic, along with getting the vitamins and giving the boost I need for the entire day,” Brown said. “I drink one when I wake up, for lunch and for supper that night. They’ve even helped me sleep better! I’ve never had just a drink affect my lifestyle as much as the FUEL has.”

Though he drinks three FUEL packs a day, he notes that he chooses which pack to hydrate with depending on the work he’s about to do. “If I am going to work, the gym or to hunt, I useFocus or Energy,” Brown said. “I normally drink Immune orRecovery at the end of a day or after a workout, just because that makes the most sense to me.”

Since there are so many flavors of FUEL packs to choose from, we had to ask him what his favorite flavor is. “My favorite flavor is the cherry Energy,” Brown said. “It’s not an overbearing or tart cherry, but a smooth refreshing boost. I even love the grape Focus, as I’m pretty skeptical about some grape flavored drinks tasting like cough medicine. This one tasted absolutely perfect.”

Brown credits the FUEL packs for improving his overall health and the time he’s spending outdoors. “I’ve noticed that I just have that ‘get up and go’ feeling a lot more recently,” Brown said. “I normally have a time span at 2-3 p.m. every day where I feel just drained or tired. The FUEL has fixed that. I’m able to give 100% to everything I do now without exhausting myself.”

If you’re wondering whether these products are for you, here’s what Brown had to say: “If you’re like me and not feeling your greatest or need to get that extra kick to finish your day off, give these a try,” Brown said. “Not only do they make me feel like a new man, the taste is spot on with every flavor. My FUEL products have just helped me go the extra mile in life, and in the woods.”

Brown enjoys being a member of the Mossy Oak family. “Being a part of the MOWPACK, is a huge deal for me,” Brown said. “It’s almost like I’m working with family. I’ve loved Mossy Oak ever since I was old enough to hunt and being able to be a part of a Mossy Oak team, it’s basically like a dream to me.” We’re happy to have you, Trace.

What’s your go-to Mossy Oak Wellness product? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!