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Archery: Your Off-Season Activity

Practicing your archery skills during the off-season is just as vital to the hunting process as the thrill of an active hunt. Create an archery practice schedule for the remainder of the off-season and watch your hard work pay off in the stand or blind this hunting season. Whether you’re a new bowhunter or a veteran with a bow, we’ve got some tips on how to maximize your off-season.

New Bowhunters: Make Sure You Know Where to Aim

Making an ethical and lethal shot on the animal is a critical component of the bowhunting process. Make sure you know where to aim on the animal before taking your first shot. Practice with a 3D target to help simulate a real-life scenario and get yourself used to the anatomy of a deer. Aiming for the heart and lungs will help you make a quick, ethical harvest and will make it easier to find the game post-shot. Practicing with a 3D target is both fun and practical.

New Bowhunters: Make Sure You’re at the Proper Draw Weight

Most states have a specific draw weight requirement for bowhunting, which also ensures an ethical harvest. The average draw weight requirement is around 40 pounds, but it does vary. Check your state’s hunting regulations for their exact draw weight requirements. If you’re not quite there yet, keep practicing and build up your tricep, bicep, deltoid and trapezoid muscles until you can comfortably shoot with the required draw weight. Being able to shoot a draw weight comfortably means being able to hold at full draw for the amount of time it would take to set up your shot. If you have to release the arrow the second you’re at full draw, spend a little more time practicing with that draw weight.

Veteran Bowhunters: Make Sure You’re Consistent

When you’re on an active hunt, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what to improve with your form after a miss. Practice by shooting a round of arrows and then analyze what the arrows are telling you. If your arrows land in varying places on the target; one high, one low, etc., then that’s a sign that your form changes slightly same every time you take a shot. Make sure you’re bringing your hand and string to the same anchor point every time you draw the bow. If your arrows are landing a tight cluster, your form is consistent. Record yourself practicing and analyze the footage to note any inconsistencies in form.

Veteran Bowhunters: Increase Your Distance

Take this time to increase your effective range. Extending your range will open up more shot opportunities in the field and will provide an extra challenge to keep you motivated all summer. Practice at the increased distance until you are comfortable and are shooting consistently.

Add FUEL to the Practice Routine

Our FUEL Focus hydration powder stick packs will help you stay energized and alert during your practice sessions. Each serving has 100mg of caffeine and 100mg of Cognizin® to give you a physical and mental boost so that you can focus on your technique and put in that extra effort that will be both fun and beneficial to the upcoming hunting season.

Our FUEL Recovery packs will help your muscles heal after a long practice session. Each serving is packed with branched-chain amino acids which kickstart the muscle recovery process and will help you get back onto the range the next day.

Whether you’re a new bowhunter or you’ve been bowhunting your whole life, practicing your archery skills will give you a head start going into hunting season. Take our FUEL packs along for the journey and enjoy your success.

Are you a bowhunter? How do you stay sharp as a bowhunter in the off-season? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!