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Bowfishing: How To Try It

Have You Tried Bowfishing?

If you’re looking for a new activity or challenge this summer, bowfishing is definitely something to consider. It’s a great way to spend time on the water, reel in a few fish, and keep your archery skills sharp at the same time. Bowfishing is exactly what it sounds like: a combination of bowhunting and fishing. And the best part is that you can bowfish with any bow, including a recurve, longbow, or compound bow. So, you can use the same kind of bow you prefer to hunt with when you bowfish.

How To Convert Any Bow into a Bowfishing Bow

To turn any bow into a bowfishing bow, you’ll need a few bowfishing-specific accessories: a reel, bowfishing arrows, and an arrow rest designed for bowfishing. Arrow rests designed for hunting aren’t designed for bowfishing arrows or the line attached to them. You’ll also want to use arrows designed for bowfishing. They’re made of fiberglass, carbon, or a combination of both, which allows the arrows to slice through the water more easily. Your bowfishing reel will attach to your bow in place of a stabilizer.

If you like using a sight when you hunt, you can mount a bowfishing laser sight to your bowfishing bow. This might be especially helpful when you’re bowfishing because you need to account for the refraction of the water. When you’re looking at the fish through the water, it’s going to appear closer than it really is, so you’ll need to aim accordingly. If you think you’d like to bowfish at night, you can add a bowfishing light.

You can convert one of your old bows or your current hunting bow into your new bowfishing bow or invest in a new bow specifically for bowfishing.

Focus on Getting Outside

Once you’ve bought or modified a bowfishing bow, you’re ready to get out on the water and arrow a fish. Hydrate with one of our FUEL Focus hydration powder stick packs the morning of the trip to help you zero in on your potential catches. Hydrating with our FUEL Focus packs helps promote healthy mental focus short-term and long-term. Cognizin®, found in our Focus packs, has been shown to promote focus and concentration. So, if you add the packs to your daily regimen, it’ll help you stay laser focused on the fish.

If bowfishing sounds like an exciting new adventure to try this summer, check out your options and give it a shot. Check your state regulations for the designated bowfishing season in your area and any regulations about catch limits or species restrictions. Then all that’s left to do is FUEL up, hit the water, arrow some fish, and enjoy the outdoors.

Have you ever tried bowfishing? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!