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Health Benefits of Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is a relaxing and treasured pastime with some major health benefits. It connects you with water, gets your body moving, and allows you to empty your mind and only focus on the task at hand. Our FUEL Focus hydration powder stick packs can help you enjoy that time in the water and everything else nature has to offer. Check out a few of the wonderful ways fly fishing can benefit your health below.

A Form of Meditation

We’ve previously mentioned that being around water has been proven to provide a positive, often meditative, experience that can help you relax and center yourself with nature. Simply being near the body of water can put you at ease and clear your mind. Fly fishing does one better: it puts you in the water. Standing in the stream, feeling the water flow around you and listening to the sounds of the current and the surrounding nature, creates a peace that just simply makes you…happier.

Helps You Focus

While incredibly relaxing, fly fishing also gives your mind a decent workout. Fly fishing requires a high level of focus, a strong attention span, and a quick reaction time. You need to be ready as soon as you feel the first nibble, so you need to be all-in on the process. Because fly fishing requires so much attention, it forces you to clear your mind of everything else. Which is why it’s such an effective form of mindfulness meditation. Your mind is only focused on one goal: the fish biting your hook. Everything else gets pushed to the side.

Each FUEL Focus stick contains 100mg of Cognizin® which has been proven to help promote mental clarity and a healthy memory. You need to be sharp when you’re fly fishing so that you can be alert and prepared for any sudden movements on your line. You don’t want to miss the vital bite on your line because you weren’t focused or paying attention. Our FUEL Focus packs can help you focus and hook that beautiful fish you’ve been waiting for.

A Great All-Over Exercise

Fly fishing is a great total-body exercise. It’s low impact, so your muscles and joints will thank you, and it works multiple muscle groups at once. You’re giving your upper body a workout when you cast and reel, your core gets a workout by holding your body steady against the current, and your legs get a workout just by standing and gently walking around the stream.

How FUEL Focus Can Help

The 100mg of caffeine and 100mg of Cognizin® in our FUEL Focus packs will help keep you alert and focused. The natural kick of the caffeine combined with the vitamins will give you a sustainable energy that you can use to stay in the water, letting the line fly, for hours. Mix a pack of FUEL Focus with a bottle of water before you leave and wade into the water alert and ready for the catch. Grab another FUEL Focus pack, or any of our other FUEL packs, and file them into your backpack if you’re planning on an all-day trip and think you might need another boost in the evening.

Fly fishing is a great way to clear your head and connect with nature. It gets you outside and moving, which is the all-important first step to a healthier, happier lifestyle. We hope our FUEL products can help you along your journey to “Feel Better, Get Outside.”

Have you tried fly fishing? What do you enjoy most about it? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!