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Healthy Hunting Routines for a Successful Season

Staying healthy is always a priority. The better you feel, the more time you can spend outdoors this hunting season. Craft a healthy hunting routine for pre-season, during the hunt, and post-season and you’ll be in great shape for all of them.

Pre-Hunt Prep

It’s always the right time to think about your health, but it’s especially important in the hunting pre-season. Make sure your body is getting the proper nutrition it needs to ensure that you’re healthy and ready to go when hunting season opens. A big part of your overall health is getting a good night’s sleep. Make sure you’re getting quality sleep during the pre-season and especially before your hunting trip. You don’t want to go into the day lethargic, groggy or dehydrated from lack of sleep. Too little sleep will affect your physical and mental health, a less than ideal combo when you’re out hunting. Turn in early the night before a sunrise hunt and start your day right.

Another way you can make sure you’re at your peak health during hunting season, make FUEL Immune Health part of your daily routine during the pre-season. Mix up a packet of FUEL Immune Health with breakfast every morning to start your day with a boost of nutrition. Each packet has 1,000% of your daily vitamin C intake. That’s the power of roughly nine oranges in every pack.

During the Hunt

When opening day arrives and it’s finally time to go to your stand or blind and spend the day hunting, you need to be prepared to focus. Spending time outdoors can be a therapeutic and meditative experience. It allows you to connect with nature on a deep level and lose yourself in your surroundings. Focusing on nature will help clear your mind and prepare you for the hunt ahead. If your mind is cluttered with a million distractions, you won’t be able to focus on the task at hand or notice the small signs you need to pick up on when hunting, like a slight rustle of the leaves or the sound of antlers rattling nearby. In order to focus on these details, you need to clear your mind first. Then, once your mind is clear, you’ll be able to be hyper-vigilant so you don’t miss any signs of your game.

You can achieve this mental clarity by staying focused and hydrated with our FUEL Focus packs. Throw one of our FUEL Focus sticks in your hunting backpack to keep yourself alert and attentive. Each FUEL Focus pack holds 100mg of caffeine and 100mg of Cognizin® to keep you focused on your goals.

Post-Hunt Recovery

After a long hunt, you need to give your muscles a rest and replenish your body’s nutrients. On your off-hunting days, check on your food plot or go on a slow-paced scouting trip. You’ll still be enjoying the outdoors, but you’re giving your body a chance to rest. Our FUEL Recovery packs can help kickstart the muscle recovery process with branched-chain amino acids. The faster your muscles recover, the faster you can get out to your stand or blind again to spend more time outdoors. We want you to live a life spent outdoors and taking care of your muscles after a hunt is a great way to continue your outdoor lifestyle.

Whether it’s pre-hunt, during the hunt, or post-hunt, you should strive to keep yourself healthy at every stage of hunting season. Our FUEL hydration powder stick packs will help you “Feel Better, Get Outside.” At Mossy Oak we believe that wellness is an overall mindset, and that comes from living your best life outdoors.

What does your hunting routine look like? We’d love to hear your tips and tricks for every stage of hunting season in the comments below!