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How To Handle Fish Fights


When you’re out on the water this summer, you might find yourself in a fight with the fish on the end of your hook. Those moments can be adrenaline pumping and nerve-wracking, but most of all, exciting. What do you do in these situations? We’ve got a few tips on how you can handle fish fights and come out victorious.

Don’t Be Quick to Jerk

When the fish finally bites the hook and you get a good set, your adrenaline will surely pick up, but remain calm. Don’t jerk your line at the first sign of a fight. It’s natural to want to fight back when you feel the fish pulling on the other end of the line but stay with it. Keep a steady pressure on the line and don’t give the line slack. If you give the line too much slack, the fish has a good chance of getting away.

Use Gear That Gives

The longer the fish is on the hook, the more exhausting it is for both of you. You’ll want to keep the line tight enough to keep the pressure on the fish, but not so tight that the line snaps. Choose a rod that will bend and give with the weight of the fish. Though the battle may seem like a tough one, keep a steady pressure on the fish and you’ll win the fight in no time.

Consider Your Hook

Think about the type of hook you’re using. If you’re using a hook with a thinner point, it might be harder to set the hook at first, but the smaller point will put less of a hole in the fish’s mouth. If you use a thicker point, the larger point might make it easier to get the fish on the hook, but it will cut a larger hole in its mouth, opening up the possibility of it wiggling off the hook at the end of the fight. Consider the pros and cons of each and weigh out which is more beneficial to you as an angler. Also consider the types of fish you’re fishing for when choosing a hook.


If you’re going to be out on the water reeling in the big ones all day, you’ll need to be energized. Make sure you pack a FUEL Energy hydration powder stick pack to bring on the boat with you. Mix up one of the FUEL packs with 12-16 oz of water and you’ll get a jolt of natural energy that will help prepare you for the fight ahead. The energy you’ll feel from each pack is sustainable and won’t leave you with a harsh crash. You can hydrate with it in the morning, when you need a boost in the middle of the day, or both.

When you’re having a tough time getting your catch in the boat, the fight can be nerve-wracking. You don’t want to lose the fish so you muscle through it and reel it in. The tips above, along with our FUEL hydration powder stick packs, will help you win those fish fights this summer. Whether you’re fighting fish or simply enjoying nature, we want you to enjoy the season and enjoy the outdoors.

What tactics do you use when you find yourself in a fight with a fish? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!