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How to Keep Up with the Spring Rush

During the cold winter months, deer don’t have access to lush, green crops or the other vegetation they prefer in their diet. When the weather warms up and spring makes its return, the deer will navigate straight toward a bountiful food source. This means that spring brings a flurry of deer activity and you need to be focused, energized and prepared to scout their signs and start the prep work for next deer season. Our FUEL Focus hydration powder stick packs can help you do that.

Plant Your Crops

Now is the time to plant a food plot if you haven’t done so already. Whether you choose to plant slow-and-steady perennials to have a fruitful plot in the fall, or rapid annuals to have mature crops sooner, start the process now. Protein, calcium and phosphorus are among the most important nutrients for deer during spring. Planting crops now provides does with the proper nutrition they need for their fawns. If the does are receiving proper nutrition, they will pass those nutrients on to their fawns during gestation and/or through nursing. This will help cultivate a healthy group of fawns, which will later become a healthy group of bucks and does. Before you start working on your food plot, mix a pack of our FUEL Focus powder with 12-16 ounces of water for a natural boost of caffeine and B vitamins.

Scout the Herd

The desire for springtime crops will lead to an uptick in deer activity. You’ll want to get out and scout for antler sheds, bedding areas, and other signs that will help you plan for the next hunting season. Scouting is a physical activity and can require you to walk or hike through wooded areas all day. Start your day of scouting with one of our FUEL Focus packs and give your body the fuel it needs to put in the work. Our FUEL Focus packs offer 100mg of Cognizin®​ and 100mg of caffeine per serving which will help keep you alert, attentive and dialed in so that you can concentrate on your surroundings and pick up on even the smallest deer sign. The serving of caffeine and B vitamins will give you natural energy that will help keep you going all day. The higher your endurance, the longer you can stay among the action doing vital research for the upcoming hunting season. Our FUEL hydration packs easily fit into a backpack or pocket, so you can pack extra and keep your energy on a steady pace throughout the day.

Hunt Some Gobblers

Spring also brings the opportunity for turkey hunting. Going on hunts during turkey season will help keep you active and keep your skills sharp year-round. You can choose to hunt turkeys on foot or from a blind. Either way, our FUEL Focus packs will help you stay focused so that you’ll see and hear the first signs of the turkey flock. You’ll have the energy to cover more ground on foot and the concentration to stay alert during an all day sit in a blind.

Endurance is a large part of the hunting process: You need to be able to stay alert and ready in the woods so that you don’t miss any big opportunities. Our FUEL Focus packs can help you achieve that level of endurance. Take care of your body by giving it the vitamins and electrolytes it needs to function at its highest level. If you take care of your body, you won’t have to miss out on the things you love, like spending time outdoors scouting deer, hunting turkeys, or hiking trails.

How do you keep your endurance up to tackle your springtime prep? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!