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How to Recover Physically from Hunting

Mossy Oak Wellness


Train Hard. Hunt Hard.

Hunting seasons work and preparations can be exhausting. Whether you’re scouting for elk in Montana, building a tree stand, or hiking miles for the right turkey, your body is taking a beating. Though we love to push ourselves so that we can take the best harvest, we must remember to take time to rest.

It’s important to let your body recover from the hunt

The body is using recovery time to repair and strengthen itself, so it’s no secret that this part of the process is the most important part of exercise. Without rest, the body will continue to break down without repair. 

Giving your body the right ingredients is essential to recovery. The nutrients you should be consuming will replenish glycogen, decrease protein breakdown, and increase protein synthesis. 

The Mossy Oak Recovery Fuel has Vitamins B6 and B12, which support healthy functioning of the nervous system, rehydrating electrolytes, and recharging BCAAs, which support muscle growth, decrease soreness and fatigue, and prevent muscle wasting. 

Lastly, getting quality sleep helps your body recover more quickly than poor sleep will. Constant poor sleep is detrimental to your health, and can lead to increased levels of cortisol, decreased activity of human growth hormone, and decreased glycogen synthesis.

So this year as you work hard for your harvest, don’t forget to let your body do its thing and recover. And help it along with Mossy Oak’s Recovery Fuel.