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NEW Mossy Oak Wellness Products

New product alert! We’ve loved hearing about how Mossy Oak Wellness products have helped you “Feel Better, Get Outside” and we hope you’re ready for the next generation! We’ve debuted a new roster of flavors in the FUEL hydration powder stick pack lineup. The new products serve all of the same functions you've come to enjoy about the current Mossy Oak Wellness products, but in exciting new flavors. As always, they’re gluten free, dairy free, and made in the USA from domestic and internationally sourced materials.

Immune Health

  • Now in Sweet Tea Lemonade!

Our FUEL Immune Health packs help boost your immune system with a blend of vitamins and nutrients designed to help you feel better so that you can enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. Recently, clinical investigations have shown that yeast-derived beta-glucans exert properties which may contribute to immune health.​​ One serving of FUEL ​Immune Health contains 125mg of Wellmune® beta-glucan and an array of other vitamins and minerals to support immune health. When you feel better, you’ll perform better in whatever your chosen activity is, so help keep your immune system strong.

Now you can enjoy FUEL Immune health in delicious new Sweet Tea Lemonade!


  • Now in Berry Punch!

If you find yourself sidelined by aching muscles after a long day of outdoors activities, consider adding our FUEL Recovery packs to your routine. We want to unlock your full potential and that means making sure you feel well enough to continue doing the things you love day after day. Our FUEL Recovery packs will help kickstart the muscle recovery process through branched-chain amino acids so you can get back outside sooner instead of waiting out the pain.

Try FUEL Recovery in refreshing Berry Punch!


  • Now in Pink Lemonade!

When we’re about to embark on a day filled with outdoor adventures, we want a natural kick of caffeine that won’t leave us with excessive jitters or a harsh crash. Our FUEL Energy packs have 100mg of caffeine, 1.7mg of vitamin B6 and 12mcg of vitamin B12. The caffeine in combination with the two B vitamins can help the body with normal energy metabolism. You’ll get the same amount of caffeine that’s in one cup of coffee, with the added boost of natural energy.

Get your caffeine fix with FUEL Energy in our brand-new flavor, Pink Lemonade!


  • Now in Cherry Limeade!

Our FUEL Focus packs each contain 100mg of Cognizin®, which has been clinically tested to help with focus and concentration. Keeping your focus sharp is not only helpful for daily tasks, it can be an essential safety benefit during your outdoor activities. You need to focus on the trail ahead of you and stay alert for any animals while you’re hiking. You need to focus on any slight movement of your line when you’re fishing. And you need to be alert for any signs and sounds of wildlife when you’re hunting. That focus can also apply to the meditative qualities of nature. With your mind alert, you’ll be able to stay in the moment and truly enjoy your surroundings without distraction.

Increase your focus with our FUEL Focus packs, now in Cherry Limeade!

New Flavors, Same Benefits

We’re excited to share this new batch of flavors in the FUEL lineup with you! Rest assured that each of the new flavors will be made with the same clinically proven, higher quality ingredients you’ve come to expect from Mossy Oak Wellness products. Our goal is to connect people with the outdoors and we hope our new FUEL flavors will help kickstart your journey into an outdoor lifestyle.

Which new flavor are you excited to try? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!