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Summer Fishing Hot Tips

When the temperature starts to rise in the summer, our first instinct is to stay cool and conserve energy. The same is true for fish. They’ll stay in deeper waters and feed primarily during the coolest parts of the day. If the fish aren’t biting the next time you go out, that’s a sign it’s time to switch from your spring tactics and get in the summer mindset.

Fish Deep, Cool Waters

If the fish aren’t biting off the same setup you’ve been using all spring, then that means the water’s heating up and the fish are diving deeper. The hot summer sun will heat up shallow water first, leaving the deep waters much cooler than the surface. Most bass will dive down to deeper, cooler waters as the day heats up, but you might find some smaller bass hanging out in shallow waters. Their tiny bodies don’t need as much oxygen as bigger bass, so they could be hanging out higher than the others, even though it’s hot. Larger bass will be in deeper, cooler waters. If you want to reach the bulk of the activity, you’ll have to use a bait that drops down deep and cuts through the water to catch the big ones.

Come Back at Night

Much like people, bass and other fish try to beat the heat during the hot summer months. They will gravitate toward feeding at night to avoid expending energy during the heat of the day. Of course you can still catch fish during the day in the summer, but consider coming back at night if you find that the fish aren’t biting during the day. You might have better luck if you try to catch them during the spike in their nighttime feeding routine. Or you could try fishing early in the morning before the sun has had time to heat up the water.

Don’t Let Yourself Dehydrate

Spending time in the sun during these hot summer days and nights can quickly dehydrate you if you’re not careful. Stay well-balanced with the proper nutrients by hydrating with our FUEL Immune Health hydration powder stick packs. Add a pack to your bottle of water every morning, especially on days when you’re going to be out on the water in the heat. The powder dissolves into 16 oz of water with a quick shake or stir, so you can take it on the go and drink it on the boat. FUEL Immune Health packs are loaded with vitamins and nutrients that can greatly improve your body’s immune system. There’s enough vitamin C in each serving to equal roughly 12 oranges. Combine that with the dose of vitamin D you’ll be getting from the sun and your body will thank you.

The next time you venture out on the water with the sun blazing and the fish aren’t biting, consider changing up your tactics. What worked this spring might not work during the summer months. Make sure your baits are reaching the deeper, cooler waters. If the fish still aren’t biting, try coming back at night or early the next morning. They might be hibernating and conserving energy during the day and only venturing out when it’s cooler. Once you’ve found your summer groove, keep yourself hydrated with our FUEL packs so that you can “Feel Better, Get Outside.”  If you feel better, you can spend more time on the water beating the summer heat and reeling in the big ones.

What is your key fishing tip for hot summer days when the fish aren’t biting? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!