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Summer Outdoor Activities

It may be hunting’s off season, but enjoying nature doesn’t have to stop when hunting season does. The summer hunting lull opens up many great opportunities to try other outdoor activities. Take this time to try out some new activities you don’t usually have time to partake in.


If you’re a hunter, you’ve likely had to take a short hike to your treestand or blind location at some point. If you enjoyed the experience walking through nature, then you should continue hiking during the off season. This summer, take hikes around your usual hunting locations and scout out potential new spots for your treestand or blind. Keep your eye out for various deer sign like sheds and bedding areas while you’re on the hike. Hiking allows you to do some prep work for hunting season while enjoying the outdoors. It’s a great way to spend the off season and a great way to get outside.

Hydrating with one of our FUEL Energy hydration powder stick packs would be a great start to a summer hike. Drinking one of our packs along with your breakfast in the morning will help kickstart the day and give you the energy you need for the hike while also keeping your body hydrated and supplied with vitamins and nutrients.


If you typically use your hunting excursions to stock the freezer and put meat on your table, then you should consider adding more fishing trips to your outdoor repertoire. Fishing consistently throughout the summer would provide you with another source of protein and another way to source your own meat. It’s also a great way to recharge your batteries after a hectic day. Surrounding yourself with water could be just the rest you need to take on the week ahead.

Our FUEL Focus packs will help you stay focused on those fishing excursions. Each serving has 100mg of Cognizin® to keep you mentally alert and ready for the day ahead. You’ll need to stay mentally sharp and focused on finding productive fishing spots. If you’re drowsy and not feeling your best, you might drive your boat right past a great spot without even realizing it. Drink a FUEL Focus pack before you get on the water and set yourself up for success.


Take advantage of the long summer days and go on a camping trip this summer. Whether it’s a solo trip, a trip with your buddies, or a family vacation, camping is a great way to stay active outdoors during the off season. You can teach your family or hunting partner different facts about nature and make the experience physically and mentally active. Walk around the surrounding landscape and point out and identify different types of trees and plants. Make it a game and see who can identify the most items in nature. Then at night, hold an astronomy session. Take in the beautiful night sky, unsaturated with light pollution, and point out different constellations.

Bring some of our FUEL Recovery packs with you so that you can start each day of the camping trip refreshed. Nobody wants to be sidelined on a trip after one day because of sore muscles. The branched-chain amino acids in the packs will help the muscle recovery process so that you can enjoy multiple days of outdoor fun.

At Mossy Oak Wellness we believe a life outside is good for the soul, whether that’s hiking, fishing, camping, or hunting. Follow wherever your outdoor lifestyle takes you, as long as it makes you happy and healthy. We hope you find the right outdoor activity for you so that you can “Feel Better, Get Outside.”

What is your outdoor activity of choice in the off season? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!