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Trail Camera Placement Tips

Setting up your trail camera in just the right spot will give you valuable insight into the behavior of your deer herd. You’ll learn when and where they eat, the time of day they visit your property, and the buck to doe ratio of the herd. All of these things are vital pieces in the hunting season puzzle and will help you go into hunting season prepared and with the knowledge you need to succeed.

Place them in Sight of Your Feeders or Food Plot

Place your trail cameras facing your feeder or food plot to capture the deer herd’s eating habits. Documenting when the deer are feeding on your property will help you learn the times of day the deer are most active. Then, you can plan your hunting times accordingly. If the herd is frequenting your property at about 7:00 a.m. every morning, then you can plan to hunt just before that time, when they’re traveling to the plot, or just after that, when they’re returning to their bedding area. If you have your camera set to take photos the second it detects movement, you might capture the direction the deer are coming from. This will give you important clues into where the deer’s bedding areas are and what direction you should hunt in. You don’t want to hunt directly on top of your food plot, so knowing the direction of the bedding area will help you set up in their path as they go to and from their meals.

Place them Near Your Blind or Treestand

Another great place for a trail camera is pointed at the hunting location you’ll be using during hunting season. If you know exactly where your treestand or blind will be set up, it would be beneficial to track the deer activity in that area. If you hunt on private property, or somewhere where you’re able to set up your blind or treestand during the off-season, you’ll be able to see how deer are reacting to your exact location. If your location isn’t getting as high of traffic as you’d previously thought, then you still have time to try a different location before opening day.

How and When to Check Them

When you’re checking your trail cameras in the off-season, you still want to remain as scent-free as possible, even though you’re not actively hunting the area yet. You don’t want to give any more indication than is necessary that a human visited the area. You also don’t want to be checking the cameras during peak times. Give enough wiggle-room between your appearance at the trail camera and when the deer show up so that you’re not crossing paths.

Give Yourself the FUEL

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Trail cameras are a great way for hunters to learn about the deer herd before hunting season. It provides valuable insight into the herd’s routine and can tell you a lot about their behavior. Place your cameras in prime locations, fuel up with our FUEL packs, and survey the data to go into hunting season knowledgeable and prepared for what’s to come.

What trail camera placement tips do you have? Leave your best tips in the comments below!