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Your First Fishing Tournament: Keys to Success


You’ve just registered for your first fishing tournament; you’re excited, maybe a little nervous, and wondering how to prepare. Let our Mossy Oak Wellness products help you every step of the way as you compete in your first tournament. Check out these tips on how to prepare and when to hydrate with each of the different FUEL hydration powder stick packs.

Before the Tournament

The prep-work begins even before the tournament does. Go out on your favorite body of water, or the one you usually fish, and check your equipment to make sure it’s working properly. Spend the day testing different baits and record each bait’s performance. Begin your prep day with a FUEL Immune Health pack to boost your immune system before you hit the water. Continue hydrating by drinking a FUEL Immune Health pack every day to keep your body fueled with vitamins and your immune system strong for the big event. Our FUEL Immune Health packs contain 1,000% of your daily vitamin C intake, so you can give your body that vital nutrient without having to worry about whether you’re getting those vitamins through your meals. Eating healthy and nutritious foods is an important part of maintaining your outdoor lifestyle, but we know that sometimes it’s hard to get everything in through your average meals. Grab a FUEL Immune Health pack with breakfast and let us help you fill in the gaps in your diet as you prepare for the tournament.

You’ll need to stay energized during your prep time, so hydrate with a FUEL Energy pack on the water when you feel yourself starting to hit that mid-morning lull. The 100mg of caffeine will keep you alert so you can spend all day conducting your experiments and taking your equipment for a test drive.

During the Tournament

Once you get to the tournament, it’s time to focus. Shake up one of our FUEL Focus powder stick packs to keep you energized and zeroed in on the task at hand. Each serving contains 100mg of Cognizin®, which has been clinically tested to increase your focus and awareness. You need to focus on speed and accuracy during the competition, so it’s crucial to be alert enough to change your course in an instance if the spot you chose isn’t producing results. You have to make split-second decisions to change your location or bait, so that extra focus will be beneficial.

After the Tournament

When the tournament is over and you’ve spent all day casting your lines with as much precision as possible, it’s time to help your body recover. Treat your muscles to the incredible branched-chain amino acids that are in our FUEL Recovery packs. The BCAAs help your muscles recover by kickstarting the muscle protein synthesis process, which alleviates muscle soreness. These vitamins tell your body it’s time to recover and you’ll be on your way back to wellness faster than you can reel in that tournament winning bass.

It’s always exciting to share your passions with others that feel the same way you do. Fishing in tournaments allows you to showcase your skills, get some exercise, and possibly get paid for doing something you love to do. Fishing is a lifestyle and competing in tournaments is another way to continue doing what you love. Don’t be afraid to bring your outdoor lifestyle to the competitive level. Take that leap. Mossy Oak Wellness products will help you keep up your focus, energy, and endurance so that you can continue to “Feel Better, Get Outside.”

What are your tips for a novice fisherman at their first tournament? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!